Fars News/The results of research by a group of researchers show that population growth is not possible with the current conditions of the world society except by changing the lifestyle, which seems very difficult. These days, in some countries of the world, social science experts and city managers are giving warnings about the aging of the population. The issue of aging epidemic caused a group of experts and researchers headed by Dr. Alireza Salmanian Noukabadi to start research in this field. In this research, which was carried out in collaboration with researchers from Iran, India, Philippines, France, Nigeria, Japan, Birland State, Zimbabwe, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Ghana, Singapore, Iraq, the results of this research show that the conditions of society The world, especially in the studied societies, is such that whether or not the population of women is directed to various jobs to earn money or to be more useful to the society, this direction is either forced or by choice due to the strange advertisements that exist and Any other reason has caused men’s jobs to be conquered by women, and besides that, men are unemployed or work in low-paying jobs, and women become income earners and demand independence, and besides that, men who earn less than Women feel humiliated, avoid society or become anti-social. And on the other hand, they transfer this inner depression to their surroundings. On the other hand, when women in an independent country or are engaged in various work activities, they will no longer have the opportunity to have children and childbearing will decrease drastically, when the young generation needs a companion and a spouse, and this need is not met in the surrounding society. It has two modes: either it must migrate to other countries or it must be imported from other countries, both of which have their own harms from the perspective of social sciences and psychology, and the society will unconsciously undergo a large-scale eugenics. Another case that attracted the attention of the researchers in the mentioned research was the common diseases that were seen in most of the researched cases or in the researched cities and it showed a type of epidemic and the next case is public nutrition in the target communities, which type The physical complications and problems that are inflicted on people, especially the women’s community, show that the type of nutrition causes serious damage to this spectrum, both physically and psychologically, these damages have an adverse effect on their fertility and in many cases cause Destruction of fertility is studied in women and men. In some cases, which needs more study, the type of clothing, the type of clothing, and the accompanying accessories of men and women seem to play a significant role in the degree of desire for fertility or in the aggravation of common diseases. The executive secretary of the research team said: In order to scientifically prove these cases and the effect of nutrition on the occurrence of such problems, we are consulting with researchers and medical and health experts so that with their consensus and cooperation in the next stages of the research, with the necessary coordination, we will benefit from the advice of experts. This member of the research team went on to point out the many reasons that keep men and women apart and added: Recently, in a report approved by the European Union, it has been reported about the epidemic of loneliness and, as a result, depression in some European countries. And they declared danger to its management. And an extraordinary point that is very effective especially in our country is the economic factors which, in addition to the mentioned in the mentioned research, are also related to the inflation rate and the government’s economic policies. Without any comments or criticism, if we proceed in this way, firstly, in countries that claim to be civilized, there will be a tremendous population decline, and then we will witness severe eugenics, and in the next step, if this case spreads to the level of the world community. Little by little, we will witness the replacement of animals and robots as human companions, and one day we will realize that humans have become robots.

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